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With Bitminer.eu you can buy mining power from various markets, and receive daily payments in Bitcoin!!

Trade Engine

Our cryptocurrency trade engine is developed using cutting-edge technologies to provide a fast real-time interface.

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At just 0.15% per trade for both BUY and SELL orders, we have some of the lowest trading fees in the industry.

Mining Bitcoin

Earn from Mining every day. Buy hashing power from alot of different algo Market.

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2FA Authentication is available and we use the latest security encryption techniques, to keep your account and funds safe!

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22 JULY 2017 Mining Payout

GHS Payout:
0.00000021 BTC/GHS
SCRYPT Payout: 0.00001900 BTC/MHS
DAGGER Payout: 0.00001800 BTC/MHS
X11 Payout: 0.00000510 BTC/MHS
QUARK Payout: START 23/07/17 BTC/MHS
PASCAL Payout: 0.00000029 BTC/MHS
EQUIHASH Payout: 0.00000078 BTC/Sols